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Alameda Brewing Co. Portland, OR

  • Alameda Kiwi Strawberry Berliner Weisse Berliner Weisse, 4.7% ABV, 10 IBU
    Organic Classification: 70-94%

    This sour mash Berliner Weisse features an added 95lbs of fresh kiwis and strawberries. A malt base of 2-Row and wheat malt gives a nice cereal finish on an otherwise tart beer. The finished product is a dry, tart beer with huge fruity character and a nice subtle sweet touch on the end to round it all out. Who needs Snapple when you’ve got beer?

Ambacht Brewing Hillsboro, OR

  • Ambacht Ginger Farmhouse Ale Belgian Specialty 6.5% ABV, 18 IBU
    Organic Classification: 95-99%

    Ginger: not half-way sorta ginger, but real honest to goodness ginger root infused into real beer. This is the beer for folks who love ginger and beer. A real Belgian-style golden ale infused with real ginger root: Ginger, enough said.

  • Ambacht Bourbon Barrel Aged G++ Belgian Strong Golden, 8.5% ABV, 18 IBU **Double Token
    Organic Classification: 95-99%

    This is Ambacht’s Belgian Strong Golden aged in Bourbon barrels from Hair of the Dog Brewing. HOTD used these barrels to age its Cherry Adam from the Wood and left the Adam-infused cherries in the barrel. Ambacht stored its Strong Golden Ale in the barrels for nine months, resulting in a barrel-aged fruit beer that is complex yet surprisingly light; a higher-alcohol beer with a light taste for summer drinking.


Bison Brewing Berkeley, CA

  • Hop Cuvée West Coast Ale , 5.5% ABV, 50 IBU
    Organic Classification: 100% USDA

    Bison’s West Coast ale is brewed with a blend of the season’s best organic hops. Like California sunshine in a bottle, Hop Cuvée radiates a golden hue with brilliant clarity and bright effervescence. It is a crisp, citrusy and tropical ale with a touch of pine-like bitterness and a clean, dry finish. Refreshing and sessionable, Hop Cuvée satisfies both hop lovers and craft beer newbies.

  • Honey Basil Pale Ale , 6.0% ABV, 12 IBU
    Organic Classification: 100% USDA

    Medieval Europeans commonly brewed with honey and gathered herbs, roots and flowers. Bison’s Honey Basil Ale carefully infuses caramel malts with fresh whole leaf basil and clover honey, creating an herbaceous floral and virtually hop-less beer with a soft wisp of honey and just a hint of basil aftertaste.

Coalition Brewing Portland, OR

  • Space Fruit Citrus Infused IPA, 7.0% ABV, 50 IBU
    Organic Classification: 70-94%

    Space Fruit is a West Coast IPA with a twist – a citrus twist to be exact. In an affirmation of summer’s bounty, Coalition used five different citrus fruits to create unique flavors and aromatics that intermingle with the West Coast hop character. An unadorned grain bill lets the citrus and hops shine in this bright and delicious seasonal.

Eel River Brewing Fortuna, CA

  • Citra IPA American IPA, 6.8% ABV, 60 IBU
    Organic Classification: 100%

    This single hop American IPA features Citra hops, which add a tropical fruit and strong citrus flavor and aroma. This beer was brewed specifically for the NAOBF.

  • Acai Berry Wheat American Wheat Ale, 4.0% ABV, 5 IBU
    Organic Classification: 100% CCOF

    This is a delicate crystal wheat beer with a very light thirst quenching body, balanced by the equally refreshing aroma of organic açaí, pomegranate and other mixed berries.

Elliott Bay Brewing Co. Burien, WA

  • Cascadia White IPA White IPA , 6.8% ABV, 60 IBU
    Organic Classification: 100% WSDA

    This hazy straw, pale golden ale includes a blend of four hops, including dry-hopping with Amarillos. The aromas of tangerine juice, orange blossom and cereal grains complement the grapefruit and orange flavors with a medium large mouthfeel and a dry, bitter finish. Raise your Doug Fir Flag for sovereignty, raise your glass in solidarity.

  • Organic Demolition Ale American Strong Pale Ale, 7.3% ABV, 80 IBU
    Organic Classification: 100% WSDA

    This Imperial pale ale features a combination of organic pale, Pilsner, wheat honey, roast, black and caramel malts. It’s hopped with Northern Brewer, Chinook, Magnum, Simcoe, Amarillo and Cascade hops, then further dry-hopped with Cascade and Chinook.

Falling-Sky-logo-smFalling Sky Brewing Eugene, OR

  • Biopiracy Best Bitter Best Bitter, 4.6% ABV, 39 IBU
    Organic Classification: 100%

    So you want to save your own seeds? Yargh! Think your crop is safe from genetically modified contamination? Yargh! Scalawags using indigenous knowledge for profit? Yargh! Our uncertified best is made with 100% organic ingredients and features aromas of honeysuckle and pears with flavors of stone fruit and malt in the finish.

  • Brewin’ It Rye’t Pale Ale American Pale Ale , 5.4% ABV, 35 IBU
    Organic Classification: 100%

    “Brewing it rye’t, everybody will be drinking…” The brewers at Falling Sky believe that if you’re going to do something, do it right or not at all. Made with 100% organic ingredients, their Rye Pale Ale has aromas of citrus blossoms and grapefruit rind with a refreshing spicy rye finish. “And we’ll be feeling it right, everybody will be drinking, and be brewing it rye’t.”

logo_finnriver_farm_cidery-smFinnriver Farm & Cidery Chimacum, WA

  • Finnriver Pear Cider Semi Sweet Cider , 6.5% ABV, 0 IBU **Double Token
    Organic Classification: 100% WSDA

    This semi-sweet cider features bright apple fruit with the elegant sweetness and subtle delights of the pear. This is a tree-ripened, delicate and refreshing taste of the orchard.

  • Finnriver Dry Hopped Cider Dry Style Cider, 6.5% ABV, 0 IBU **Double Token
    Organic Classification: 100% WSDA

    This crisp, refreshing cider features the floral and citrus flavors of Cascade hops. It’s dry, bright and grassy with grapefruit and pine notes. A cider tribute to the Northwest IPA.

fish-brewing-logo-smFish Brewing Company Olympia, WA

  • Organic Amber Ale Amber, 5% ABV, 22 IBU
    Organic Classification: 100% WSDA

    Medium-bodied with an appealing amber hue, this beer’s organic pale, Munich and crystal malts create a gentle, sweet character that is difficult to resist. From organic Hallertauer hops comes a zesty flavor and aroma that beautifully balance the malt profile.

  • Organic India Pale Ale IPA, 6.7% ABV, 42 IBU
    Organic Classification: 100% WSDA

    This medium-bodied beer features a rich, golden color. The organic pale and crystal malts lay down a firm malt body that provides the backbone for an assertive hop profile featuring organic Pacific Gems. The result is a Cascadian treasure.

Fort George Brewery Astoria, OR

  • Pi Beer Fruit Beer , 5% ABV, 3.14 IBU
    Organic Classification: 95-99%

    Organic two-row barley, organic wheat malt, organic strawberry & organic rhubarb make for a light, tart, fruity, slightly pink and completely irrational beer.

  • Spruce Budd Ale Pale Ale, 4.9% ABV, 0 IBU
    Organic Classification: 100%

    The brewers hand picked over 500 lbs of spruce tips for a 30 bbl batch of this extremely seasonal elixir. Spruce tips, two-row organic malted barley, slow sand-filtered water and yeast keep this beer simple and spectacular.

FOTM-smFOTM Brewing Company Portland, OR

  • Shocks of Sheba IPA, 6.9% ABV, 68 IBU
    Organic Classification: 95-99%

    This Northwest IPA is inspired by KBOO’s mainstay Reggae program, Shocks of Sheba. As strong as its inspiration, this IPA is made with 100% organic malts and copious amounts of Oregon hops.

Giglamesh-logo-smGilgamesh Brewing Salem, OR

  • Sweet Potato Rye PA Belgian Pale Ale , 6.4% ABV, 32 IBU
    Organic Classification: 70-94%

    This beer has been taken to the next level with a mash consisting of 800 lbs of organic sweet potatoes, and 400 lbs of organic rye. After fermentation was complete, a small dose of organic blue agave was added to balance out the Belgian yeast’s semi-dry finish.

Golden-Valley-logo-smGolden Valley Brewery McMinnville, OR

  • Wheat Tart Berliner Weisse, 3.2% ABV, 5 IBU
    Organic Classification: 95-99%

    Wheat Tart is Golden Valley’s take on the Berliner Weisse style. The mash was equal parts organic pilsner malt and organic wheat malt, with just a touch of Tettnanger hops. Soured with Lactobacillus and fermented with our house Kolsch yeast, this brew is very low in alcohol and just tart enough to be supremely refreshing on a hot summer’s day.

hi-fi-logo-smHi-Fi Brewing Redmond, WA

  • Thai-Fi Thai Basil Pale Ale , 4.4% ABV, 50 IBU
    Organic Classification: 70-94%

    For this pale ale brewed with Thai basil, the brewers took a page from the recipe book of Washington home brewer Mark Griffin. With basil and citrusy hops front and center in both aroma and flavor, this beer makes a great pairing with Italian or Thai food.

Hopworks Urban Brewery Portland, OR

  • IPX Ahtanum Single Hop IPA, 6% ABV, 60 IBU
    Organic Classification: 100% Oregon Tilth

    Fresh from the Hopworks Urban Brewery science lab, comes HUB’s latest creation, Ahtanumous Prime. Made with only organic Ahtanum hops from Perrault Farms in Toppenish, WA. This dual purpose hops contributes a bright, orange peel-like character.

  • Totally Radler Radler, 3.5% ABV, 21 IBU
    Organic Classification: 100% Oregon Tilth

    Take five for this safety meeting. 70% Organic Hub Lager and 30% fresh organic lemonade quench your mid-ride thirst while carbs help beat the bonk.

kells-brewery-logo-smKells Brew Pub Portland, OR

  • Kells Irish Red Irish Red Ale, 4.5% ABV
    Organic Classification: 70-94%

    Kell’s Organic Irish Red Ale has a nose of fresh malt, then moves into light toffee and caramel mid-mouth with notes of light red fruit and finishes with a dry, clean tartness.


Laht Neppur Brewing Co. Waitsburg, WA

  • Strawberry Cream Ale Amber Ale with Fruit , 5.5% ABV, 19 IBU
    Organic Classification: 95-99%

    This American Amber Ale recipe features the addition of concentrated strawberry juice and puree for a subtle fruit flavor that allows the malt profile to come through. Milk sugar is added to balance the sweetness lost during fermentation.

  • Peach Hefeweizen American Hefeweizen, 5.3% ABV, 17 IBU
    Organic Classification: 95-99%

    This American Hefeweizen features the addition of peaches and concentrated peach juice and puree for a clean, easy drinking summer refresher. Lactose is added to balance the sweetness lost during fermentation.

Lakefront Brewery Milwaukee, WI

  • Lakefront White Belgian White , 4.6% ABV, 13 IBU
    Organic Classification: 100% Oregon Tilth

    This is Lakefront’s version of a Belgian classic, brewed with wheat malt, and spiced with coriander and orange peel. It pours a beautiful hazy blond-gold with a thick, pearly white head. The nose is estery with a light aroma of fruit and spice. This beer is a crisp and refreshing as the aroma implies, with the wheat malt supplying a full, somewhat sweet background to the orange and coriander flavor. Spritzy carbonation lifts the sweetness to lend a crisp finish.

  • Fuel Café Coffee Stout Coffee Stout, 6.4% ABV, 18 IBU
    Organic Classification: 100% Oregon Tilth

    This unique stout combines the flavor of organic roasted malts and Milwaukee’s renowned organic Fuel Café coffee. It pours a deep, dark color with a beautiful creamy tan head. Coffee aromas dominate the nose, with a background of roasted malt. The fine balance of mild organic hops, gentle brightness of choice coffee and the full mouthfeel from roasted malted barley make this an unforgettable brew.

Laurelwood Brewing Co. Portland, OR

  • Endless Summer Session Ale India Summer Ale, 4.2% ABV, 25 IBU
    Organic Classification: 100% Oregon Tilth

    This is the beer to have when you are having more than one! Light, low alcohol with a firm hop presence from organic Cascade hops, this beer kicks out the jams.

logsdon-logo-smLogsdon Farmhouse Ales Hood River, OR

  • Seizoen Bretta Saison, 8% ABV, 35 IBU
    Organic Classification: 100% Oregon Tilth

    Seizoen Bretta is an organic unfiltered farmhouse ale naturally carbonated with pear juice and Brettanomyces yeast. Fruity and spicy character develops as the beer ferments dry and crisp with great depth and complexity.

  • Seizoen Saison, 7.5% ABV, 35 IBU
    Organic Classification: 100% Oregon Tilth

    A traditional farmhouse saison style beer brewed for flavor and rich character. Four select yeast strains are used to brew this complex, fruity and aromatic beer. An abundant amount of whole cone Fuggle and Golding hops create a desirable balance with the barley malt, wheat and oats.

Lompoc-Logo-2012-smLompoc Brewing Portland, OR

  • Santiam Pale Ale Pale Ale, 5% ABV
    Organic Classification: 95-99%

    A light, clean crisp pale ale brewed with Santiam hops. Perfect on a warm, sunny day.

Loowit-LogoLoowit Brewing Co. Vancouver, WA

  • Gaiabolical Pale Ale, 5.3% ABV, 45 IBU
    Organic Classification: 95-99%

    Gaiabolical is a tribute to the seductive and destructive beauty of Mother Earth. Made with an amazing balance of 100% organic malts and 100% certified Salmon Safe hops, this pale ale is perfectly suited for a volcanic eruption, catastrophic landslide, massive tornado or any sunny day.

The Mash Tun Brewing Co. Portland, OR

  • Curiosity IRA Imperial Red Ale, 7.2% ABV, 68 IBU
    Organic Classification: 95-99%

    Inspired by the Curiosity Rover currently hard at work on the Red Planet, this Red Ale is medium bodied with toasted malt and caramel balancing out a smooth, hoppy bitterness and finishing with notes of flowers and citrus.

McMenamins ConCordia Brewery Portland, OR

  • Super Ligero Mexican Lager Mexican Lager, 5.2% ABV, 24 IBU
    Organic Classification: 95-99%

    Why go south of the border when you can enjoy a cerveza here? This copper-hued lager is the perfect summertime thirst quencher. Light and refreshing, it goes down smooth with a small hop presence and a lingering malt aroma and flavor. Best of all, it’s organic!

McMenamins-Crystal-logo-smMcMenamins Crystal Brewery Portland, OR

  • California Condensation California Common, 5% ABV, 36 IBU
    Organic Classification: 95-99%

    Made with organic 2-Row, organic Crystal 60L, organic Munich and Yakima Valley Chinook hops, this is a light and easy drinking beer with firm grainy maltiness and interesting toasty and caramel flavors that showcase the signature Chinook varietal hop character. Much like a steam beer, this was fermented at ale temperatures with a lager yeast strain, providing a nice balance between a crisp, clean lager profile and a fruity ale profile – the best of both worlds.

McMen-Edgefield-logo-smMcMenamins Edgefield Brewery Troutdale, OR

  • Pavol The Collector Baltic Porter, 7.7% ABV, 48 IBU
    Organic Classification: 70-94%

    This dark, chocolaty, boozy lager bomb is named after Edgefield’s friend, Pavol “Pali” Olsavsky, who lives in Košice, Slovakia and is an avid collector of beer paraphernalia. He has sent them envelopes stuffed full of peeled off beer labels in trade, and countless hand-written letters. The brewers sent him some schwag and decided to take it to the next level and name their NAOBF beer after him. Enjoy this super smooth drinking Baltic Porter and raise a glass to Pali.

Mcmenamins-Roseburg-logo-smMcMenamins Roseburg Station Roseburg, OR

  • White Rhino Wit Organic Wit Bier , 4.3% ABV, 22 IBU
    Organic Classification: 95-99%

    White Rhino Wit is medium light in body with aromas and flavors of coriander and orange, a moderate pleasant sweetness up front, and a crisp, dry, citrusy finish. White Rhinos do exist. They are rare and endangered due to poaching, but you can actually see them roaming the oak savannahs just outside of Roseburg, OR at the Wildlife Safari in Winston. While the animal can weigh in at up to 8,000 pounds, you’ll want to enjoy White Rhino Wit 16 ounces at a time.

Natian-logo-smNatian Brewery Portland, OR

  • Elder Jazz Man Organic Festival Blonde Herb/Spice Blonde Ale, 6.2% ABV, 36 IBU
    Organic Classification: 95-99%

    This blonde ale entices the nose with sweetness that comes from cold brewed Jasmine tea infused into the beer after the fermentation process is completed. Earthy notes of elderflower dance on the palate with a flowery tea finish as if to the tune of an experienced jazz musician.

  • Destinatian Organic Honey Lager Mexican Lager, 4.4% ABV, 16 IBU
    Organic Classification: 95-99%

    This light and crisp golden lager features a pronounced honey flavor and aroma due to a generous addition of honey malt and local Oregon honey. The honey is added at the end of primary fermentation to help capture the essence of wildflower aromatics that are attributed to the flowers in which the pollen was collected by the honey bees. Organic Palisades with notes of slight strawberry hop quality are added at the end of the boil for aroma.

Neumarkter Lammsbräu Neumarkt, Germany

  • Lammsbräu Pilsner Pilsner ,4.7% ABV
    Organic Classification: 100%

    The world’s leading organic beverage producer brings you a pilsner with an aroma reminiscent of lemon and a fresh flower field combined with a pronounced hop aroma. Light in taste the natural cone hops develops an aromatic mild aftertaste. The beer shines pale yellow in the glass, bright and shiny with snow-white foam.

Old-Town-logo-smOld Town Brewing Portland, OR

  • Chemtrails Are Real, Man! Conspiracy-style Wheat Ale , 5% ABV, 65 IBU
    Organic Classification: 70-94%

    Shhh, the government is probably listening, so we’ll have to keep this just between us. This unfiltered wheat ale is cloudy, just like the skies above Overlook Park on a heavy chemtrail day. The fruit and citrus notes of this beer come from Amarillo and Ella hops, and that’s the TRUTH! Believe me, this ale will change your reality – but, you know, in a good way.

Pints-Brewing-Poster-logo-smPints Brewing Co. Portland, OR

  • Bio-liner Weisse Berliner Weisse, 2.8% ABV, 0 IBU
    Organic Classification: 100%

    Brewed true to the traditional Berliner Weisse methods (Schultheiss-style), this “bio” (“organic” in German) exemplar is made with certified organic malts from Bamberg, Germany, and with the yeast and bacteria brought to Oregon via Berlin by PINTS’ Brewmaster (who received his Brewing Science Degree in Berlin in 1998). The Lactobacillus strain creates the mouth-puckering tartness and some wonderful fruity esters, Saccharomyces drives down the sweetness and a splash of Brettanomyces rounds out the flavor profile.

  • Green Line Pale Ale, 5.2% ABV, 36 IBU
    Organic Classification: 100%

    Situated right on the Green Line in historic Old Town Portland, PINTS brews its 100% Organic Pale Ale with Great Western 2-Row, wheat and C-15 organic malts. The heavy lifters in the organic hop category are Bravo and Cascade, which provide the classic NW IPA aroma and flavor notes of grapefruit, lemon and lime.

Rev-Nat-logo-smReverend Nat’s Hard Cider Portland, OR

  • Overlook Organic Heirloom Hard Cider , 8.6% ABV, 0 IBU
    Organic Classification: 70-94%

    Made with a blend of organic Golden Russet and Newtown Pippin apples, then back sweetened with a hint of local raw honey, this cider was created specifically for the NAOBF. Expect an off-dry, crisp cider free of cloying sweetness.

Rock-Bottom-logo-smallRock Bottom Brewery Portland, OR

  • Ropehead Field Beer, 5.2% ABV, 35 IBU
    Organic Classification: 95-99%

    An easy drinking wheat beer, Ropehead gets its distinctively rustic flavor from a proprietary blend of spices and root vegetables.

  • The Wreck of the Annie Faxon CDA, 6.7% ABV, 60 IBU
    Organic Classification: 70-94%

    Cascades + Centennials + rye = a beer with a flavor as explosive as the steamboat for which it’s named.

Thirsty BearThirstyBear Brewing Co. San Francisco, CA

  • Howard Street IPA American IPA, 7% ABV, 70 IBU
    Organic Classification: 95-99%

    This American IPA was brewed with copious amounts of organic Magnum, Centennial and Cascade hops, then dry-hopped with organic Chinook and Simcoe. It features resinous, piney, citrusy flavors and aromas.

  • Panda Bear Ale Spiced Golden Ale, 5% ABV, 20 IBU
    Organic Classification: 95-99%

    This is a unique easy drinking ale, lightly hopped, then dry-hopped with pounds of whole vanilla beans and TCHO cocoa nibs to infuse the beer with flavor and provide an incredibly aromatic sensation.

Three Creeks Brewing Co. Sisters, OR

  • Greenwash Semi-Organic Session IPA Session IPA, 4% ABV, 65 IBU
    Organic Classification: 95-99%

    Greenwash Semi-Organic Session IPA features imported organic malts and NW grown Amarillo and Cascade hops. Weyermann BIO pale and BIO Munich malt, along with organic Crystal malt, contribute an orange hue while the Cascade and Amarillo hops provide abundant citrus hop aroma.

Two-Kilts-smallTwo Kilts Brewing Co. Sherwood, OR

  • Saison De Poivre French Style Saison, 4.7% ABV, 18 IBU
    Organic Classification: 70-94%

    This light, crisp saison was brewed with French saison yeast. It has a light to medium body with a small amount of wheat to give a full mouthfeel and slightly hazy appearance. It was finished with crushed peppercorns and sprigs of thyme to add an accent of spice to the flavor and aroma.

  • Crystal Kush California Common, 5.2% ABV, 55 IBU
    Organic Classification: 70-94%

    A delicious beer with a clean malt bill that allows the hop character to shine. Careful malt selection creates great mouthfeel, while the use of only one hop variety, right down to the dry-hop addition, makes for a great summer beer experience with dank Crystal bitterness and aroma. Enjoy this instant hit!

Upright Brewing Portland, OR

  • Marble Tulip Juicy Gruit Botanical Amber Saison , 5.5% ABV, 0 IBU
    Organic Classification: 95-99%

    The Marble Tulip Juicy Gruit is an intensely aromatic beer made with wild lettuce, galangal, calendula and white willow bark – all in place of hops. Made with the brewery’s house saison yeast, a light fruity character sits under the botanical elements while the copper colored beer drinks light and finishes soft.

Vertigo-smallVertigo Brewing Hillsboro, OR

  • Closer Pale Ale Dry-Hopped American Pale Ale, 5.7% ABV, 57 IBU
    Organic Classification: 70-94%

    A medium-bodied, dry-hopped American pale ale loaded with copious amounts of Magnum and Amarillo kettle hops, then dry-hopped with an abundance of Amarillo. This is Vertigo Brewing’s tribute to our local Boys of Summer, the Hillsboro Hops baseball team.

wandering-aengus-smallWandering Aengus Salem, OR

  • Anthem Hops Dry-Hopped Session Cider, 6% ABV, 10 IBU
    Organic Classification: 70-94%

    Anthem Cider’s tribute to the Northwest’s love of hops, Anthem Hops is a gluten free cider dry-hopped with Oregon grown Cascade hops for more than three weeks. The result is a light, lagerish cider with all the beautiful citrus and floral aromas of Cascade hops with a only slight bitterness on the finish. It’s just shy of dry and mildly tart.

  • Wandering Aengus Oaked Dry Cider English Style Dry Cider, 6.8% ABV, 0 IBU **Double Token
    Organic Classification: 70-94%

    This beautiful cider sparkles golden in the glass. A ripened apple aroma pulls classic musty, earthy scents into the air, invoking images of farmland. Dry Oaked unfolds in stages: Sweet apple arrives first and picks up earthy notes in the middle of the tongue before robust tartness emerges. Meanwhile, aggressive dryness and lactic sourness scrape the taste buds from tip to back while a rustic must develops in the finish.

Widmer-smallWidmer Bros Brewing Co. Portland, OR

  • Gruit to It! Gruit, 3.9% ABV, 0 IBU
    Organic Classification: 100%

    Gruit To It is a light, sessionable golden ale brewed with yarrow for bitterness and flavor, rosemary and lavender for aroma, and unmalted spelt to add some bready notes. This unhoped brew is floral and slightly spicy with an almost tea-like quality. So, Gruit To It for a refreshing summer beer!


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